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Optimal List-Section Management

icebear   October 16th, 2011 4:49p.m.

Just wondering if anyone has some tips on how to go about organizing lists to ensure optimal performance? I've spotted a few posts on slow loading time for larger lists, and want to organize mine well as I'm just in the first few weeks on Skritter.

Basically I'm studying a chapter a week from NPCR - which I just use the premade list/sections for at that pace.

I'm also studying ChinesePod lessons (about a five a week), and planning on adding their vocab words as I go - at the moment all mixed in a single list called "ChinesePod". Would it be better to section this at maximum section size (200 per section, bunching handfuls of lessons all together), or creating a section for each lesson I learn (about 10-20 words each)? Is there a maximum number of sections a list can eventually have?

Thanks for any tips!

levitooker   October 17th, 2011 2:31a.m.

A list can have no more than 100 sections.

nick   October 17th, 2011 9:55a.m.

But you can always add more ChinesePod lists if you hit 100 sections. The advantage of each section corresponding to a lesson is that you get to tell more easily where the word really came from. And the section info will load faster the fewer words it has (although the list page will load a bit slower the more sections it has).

scott   October 17th, 2011 6:02p.m.

Actually, lists can have as many as 500 sections; that's the current limit anyway. Still, it'll probably get kind of slow opening the list page if you have that many sections in a list.

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