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This is what you get with a subscription:

iPhone App Access

Every Skritter subscription comes with access to our top ranking iPhone and iPad app. Study on the website or on the go; Skritter automatically syncs your progress to keep you learning.

Handwriting Recognition

With Skritter you write characters in your browser and get real-time grading.

Writing Style Corrections

Skritter helps you learn proper written form through instant corrections.

Stroke Order Help

Ever wondered about stroke order? Skritter clears up any such questions.

Spaced Repetition System

Skritter's SRS schedules all your reviews, ensuring that you retain more characters.

Personal Progress Stats

Track your learning to get a better idea how to improve the process.

Audio Reinforcement

Skritter plays audio clips for each prompt to help reinforce your learning

263 Textbooks

We support 263 of the most used Chinese and Japanese textbooks.

3000+ User Lists

Skritter users have already created more than 3000 lists you can use.

List Creator

If Skritter still doesn't have the list you want, you can create it quickly!

ChinesePod Support

Automatically import your vocabulary from ChinesePod and keep on studying.

Character Decompositions

Get to know the building blocks of characters to improve memorization.

Example Sentences

See the vocabulary you are learning in context with short example sentences.

Customizable Mnemonics

Write your own memory aids or use those created by other Skritter users.

Reading Practice

Actually type the reading for a prompt and Skritter will grade you intelligently.

Definition Practice

Have Skritter hide the definitions and self-check against the answers.

Tone Practice

Draw the tone marks for each character to enhance your comprehension.

Advanced Writing Mode

Eliminate hints during your practice and make your learning more effective.

Hidden Readings

You can associate words with just definitions, hiding the readings.

Writing Tablet Support

Upgrade to a writing tablet to enhance your Skrittering.

12 Source Languages

Learn Chinese or Japanese in English, Русский, Deutsch, or 9 other languages!

Cram Function for Tests

Got a test? Let Skritter help you cram the information into your head.

Progress Reminders

Have Skritter remind you to practice. Reminders work on email and Twitter.

Teacher Tools

Assign lists and track student progress with Skritter's teacher tools.

Word Export

Skritter lets you export your vocabulary so you aren't tied to our platform.

Tone Colorization

Make it easier to remember tones via standard color associations.

Mark Important Words

Tag words that are giving you problems and study them separately later.

Awesome Support

Email us, hit our lively forums, call us--we'll make your day!

You get all that and more.

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