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OT: Android apps for learning Chinese

Nicki   March 4th, 2011 7:58p.m.

Ok I saw the topic about iphone apps and I had to wonder about Android :)

What apps do you like for Chinese?
I currently use:

Hanzi Recognizer
(for entering unknown characters into my phone)

Hanping CE Dictionary

And on a side note, I just rooted my phone and installed Cyanogen Mod. Now, anybody know how I can get flash working so I can haz Skritter 吗?

stimut   March 5th, 2011 1:45a.m.

For having flash, it depends what phone you have. A G1 or G2 (e.g. HTC Magic) or similar powered devices don't support flash even though the version of Cyanogen Mod is high enough. You need a more powerful device. If you have such a device, then I think you can just search on the Market??? (Can't remember now). Certainly the forums on the Cyanogen Mod website have more details.

Nicki   March 5th, 2011 2:59a.m.

Thanks. I have the HTC Wildfire. It's interesting, because before I rooted it I was able to do some limited Skritter, definitions and tones mostly, and pinyin sort of, I just couldn't draw characters. Now when I try to load the practice page, it just says I need flash and points me to a download of Adobe Flash. I've tried downloading Adobe Flash from the Market, but it won't install on my phone. I will be doing more research into the problem, I just figured I'd throw it out here and see if anybody had some ideas for me :)

followtheflow   March 6th, 2011 3:57a.m.

I can recommend exporting vocab lists and study them through Ankidroid on your phone. Helped me a great deal with reading and definitions.

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