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Chinese Breeze: An Old Painting (一张旧画儿)

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Chinese Breeze: An Old Painting

Made by: Skritter
Editors: xiaokaka (edit)
Studied by 138 people.

Words: 60

Level 2: 500 Word Level

In the art dealer’s shop, the old gentleman picked up the old painting once again. He looked it up and down, left and right. He held it up, contemplating it for a few minutes. His eyes opened wider and wider. Finally, he turned to Shaxiao, the Little Silly, a rag boy who stood nearby, and said: “Sell this painting to me. I’ll pay a lot of money, enough for your family to live on for a hundred years!”. Surprisingly, Shaxiao replied, “Sir, I’m sorry. I can’t sell it to you…”

Published 2010. Written by Zhao Shaoling, Liu Yuehua, and Chu Chenzhi. 73 pages. ISBN: 7301174659