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Shifting Tides: Culture In Contemporary China

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Shifting Tides: Culture In Contemporary China

Made by: Skritter
Editors: gaojian (edit)
Studied by 34 people.

Words: 863

Cultural immersion--learning all the facets of what Chinese means--is an integral part of language learning for serious students of Chinese. This book presents intermediate students with the cultural context that will enable them to better understand and communicate with Chinese people. Texts are based on excerpts from recent Chinese television shows that highlight specific aspects of contemporary culture. Each text is accompanied by notes that clearly explain how to incorporate new vocabulary, idioms, and grammar patterns into everyday speech. Shifting Tides may be preceded by Crossing Paths: Living and Learning in China, or used independently. Simplified characters, with explanations/examples in English and vocabulary examples in characters with pinyin.

Shifting Tides 中国之路: Culture in Contemporary China. Written by Hong Gang jin, De Bao Xu, Songren Cui, Yea-Fen Chen, Yin Zhang. Published in 2003. ISBN 0-88727-372-6