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China In Depth An Integrated Course in Advance Chinese

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China In Depth An Integrated Course in Advance Chinese

Made by: Skritter
Editors: gaojian (edit)
Studied by 54 people.

Words: 1855

China in Depth: An Integrated Course in Advanced Chinese 焦点中国 is an advanced-level textbook designed for students who are interested in using Chinese to conduct research about contemporary China. This textbook is compiled with reference to the principles of Content-Based Instruction and ACTFL Foreign Language Proficiency Guidelines for "advanced" and "superior" levels. It strives to reflect a wide range of topics related to the rapid development of contemporary China. The textbook has 14 chapters and 1855 vocabulary items. The topics in this book are divided into four areas: social studies, economics, international relations and important people. The book aims to develop students' language skills with special emphasis on training in critical thinking and discourse proficiency. This book has a companion web site where students can view related videos, and download language exercises and supplementary reading materials.


ISBN Code: 978-1-68194-009-0
Editors: Jianhua Bai (白建华) , Yang Wang (汪洋)