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Zhongji Hanyu Tingshuo Jiaocheng Xiace

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Zhongji Hanyu Tingshuo Jiaocheng Xiace

Made by: Skritter
Editors: Amitabha (edit)
Studied by 19 people.

Words: 369

This book combines listening and speaking trainings. Unlike the old skill guide books, where listening and speaking are independent, listening and speaking trainings are actually in a single process, with different emphasis. This book integrates the two facets into a program, in which both skills are enhanced, thus to harmonize the developments of teaching process and learners' language skills.
This book is divided into three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced, each containing two volumes. It is to be used by the international college students specialized in Chinese and by intermediate students in Chinese.

ISBN 978-7-301-07907-2