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Jump High: A Systematic Chinese Course, Conversation, Book 5

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Jump High: A Systematic Chinese Course, Conversation, Book 5

Made by: Skritter
Editors: sbock3 (edit)
Studied by 19 people.

Words: 322

Author:Written by Jia Fang and Hu Xiumei
ISBN: 9787561932827
Pub Date: 2012-05
Page Count: 206

Jump High is a series of Chinese textbooks for the compulsory courses foreigners take in college, with five vertical skills (intensive reading, conversation, listening, writing, translation) and seven horizontal levels (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) matching with one another. All learners, ranging from total beginners to high-level ones, can find something suitable for themselves.
Conversation TEXTBOOK 5 is designed for the conversation course in the first semester of the third year in college, including 12 lessons altogether, each with the following parts: Text, Vocabulary, Notes, Communication Tasks and Exercises. Considering the characteristics of conversation courses, this book emphasizes oral practice and focuses on communication tasks and expressive functions. The texts are designed with natural and practical topics and situations to combine classroom learning with verbal communication outside the classroom and to help the students communicate in natural and appropriate Chinese. The exercises are diverse in form, providing a basis and adequate expansion space for teachers to organize group activities in class and conduct task-based teaching. Besides the exercises in each lesson, there are two unit tests after Lesson 6 and Lesson 12 respectively. Reference answers to some exercises are provided at the end of the book.
The texts and new words are recorded in the CD of MP3 files accompanying the book.