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Living Mandarin -DIY 活力中文

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Living Mandarin -DIY 活力中文

Made by: Skritter
Editors: MichelleGlauser (edit)
Studied by 44 people.

Words: 584

Living Mandarin --DIY is Sarah Lu's updated and enriched edition of her best selling book in Hong Kong formerly published as Teach Yourself Living Mandarin. The book uses the phonetic dictionary method and is designed for individuals without previous knowledge of Mandarin who wish to teach themselves the language, and for anyone in need of a remedial or brush-up course. Sarah Lu combines her teaching skills and extensive knowledge gained from years of teaching in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and the United States with a strong sense of commitment to students.

Living Mandarin -DIY, by Sarah Lu. Published in 2009 by Xinhua Book City Co., Ltd. List contains 10 sections and 584 words. ISBN: 978-988-180767-0