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Chinese Breeze: The Third Eye 第三只眼睛

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Chinese Breeze: The Third Eye 第三只眼睛

Made by: Skritter
Editors: xiaokaka (edit)
Studied by 117 people.

Words: 58

The Third Eye is in the third level of Chinese Breeze, which contains approximately 750 words.

In just two months, five customers had large amounts of money stolen while on flights! Such cases became a headache for the cops. Harried and frustrated for a while, they found a clue while screening the names and ID numbers of all the customers. One day, when the thief showed up again on the airplane, a cop quietly followed. The cop sat there nonchalantly with his “third eye” watching and waiting for the fish to bite.

Written by Liu Yuehua. Published in 2011 by Peking University Press. ISBN-13: 9787301189498